PPC/Linux architecture/operating system valid combination?

(Ken Erickson) #1

Anyone know if PPC and LINUX are a valid combination in gradle 1.12? Individually they are valid but combined gradle doesn’t seem to think it is valid. I have a cross platform target that runs OmniLinux on PPC processor.

(René Groeschke) #2

Hi Ken, can you elaborate a bit why gradle doesn’t think it’s valid? what error message do you see? what are you trying to build with gradle?

cheers, rené

(Ken Erickson) #3

I’m trying to set some defines based on the architecture type with

if (targetPlatform.architecture.ppc) {

cppCompiler.define “BIG_ENDIAN”

cppCompiler.define “PROCESSOR_32_BIT”

} and when I run gradle I get : A problem occurred configuring root project ‘Comms_Core’. > No such property: ppc for class: org.gradle.nativebinaries.platform.internal.DefaultArchitecture

Possible solutions: arm

I use similar statements with i386, linux and amd64 just fine.