PPC/Linux architecture/operating system valid combination?

Anyone know if PPC and LINUX are a valid combination in gradle 1.12? Individually they are valid but combined gradle doesn’t seem to think it is valid. I have a cross platform target that runs OmniLinux on PPC processor.

Hi Ken, can you elaborate a bit why gradle doesn’t think it’s valid? what error message do you see? what are you trying to build with gradle?

cheers, rené

I’m trying to set some defines based on the architecture type with

if (targetPlatform.architecture.ppc) {

cppCompiler.define “BIG_ENDIAN”

cppCompiler.define “PROCESSOR_32_BIT”

} and when I run gradle I get : A problem occurred configuring root project ‘Comms_Core’. > No such property: ppc for class: org.gradle.nativebinaries.platform.internal.DefaultArchitecture

Possible solutions: arm

I use similar statements with i386, linux and amd64 just fine.