POC: Building Poco with Gradle: first milestone done

I am pleased to announce a major milestone in building Poco with Gradle 4.01 on Windows with VS2015 – with some hacks provided by @lacasseio – and 2 private extensions: a cppunit-test-suite plugin and a Windows Message Compiler plugin.

Poco is around 20 modules, each one with a set of unit tests and module’s specific samples
Poco’s lines of code

ansic:       339039 (57.15%)
cpp:         251843 (42.46%)

What remains to do for this POC is a specific focus on modeling native TestSharedLibraryBinarySpec & TestStaticLibraryBinarySpec to support a unit test of SharedLibrary IOC.


Awesome, just awesome!

That is nice to hear @zosrothko. I’m happy it worked out. Let me see if my schedule cleared up a bit so I can have a look at your solution and maybe help a little bit more :slight_smile: