PMD ruleSetFiles with url

I’m trying to use PMD plugin with remote ruleSet files:

apply plugin: 'pmd'
pmd {
  ruleSetFiles = files('')

But it does not work:

Cannot convert URL '' to a file.

I was able to do that with Maven but I don’t know how to do it with Gradle :frowning:

Hello Cédric, remote URLs for ruleset files are currently not supported. But you can use two lines of groovy code to get this working.

pmd {
       def remoteRuleSets = file("$buildDir/remoteRulesets")
       remoteRuleSets.text = new URL('').text
       ruleSetFiles = files(remoteRuleSets)

cheers, René

ps.: IMO, there are two downsites with using remote rulesetFiles though

  1. you are not able to perform a offline build and always need remote access when running your build 2. the remote definition might change. This can cause problems with the reproducability of a build