PMD plugin lacks text output

For the sake of using same checks on build machine and in IDE I want to run pmd from gradle as one of checks. But it’s output is only pointing me to html or xml file. Meanwhile IDE’s nowadays (like IntelliJ Idea) can perform good linking of console output and source code lines, and using maven pmd plugin it usualy works nice showing me the actual problem and navigating me to the problematic lines. So I would love to have text output of PMD analysis (as well as for Findbugs and Checkstyle but thats different story). Compared to that opening html page in external app is cumbersome, not productive at all.

That’s correct. At the moment the PMD plugin only supports HTML and XML as report formats. Under the covers the plugin is using the PMD Ant task which does have support for text output. Would you be interested in contributing this feature? We’d welcome any contribution from the community. For more information on contributing to Gradle, please check the documentation.

To close the topic here, I contributed the feature and it is out in 2.2.1. This is super cool!