PMD Breaking Change

With 2.6-rc-1 a build that worked with 2.5 starts to fail due to a missing dependency:

I think this needs to be listed in the release notes.

Hmm… the PMD version changed to 5.2.3 in Gradle 2.4

Did you have any special configuration for PMD in your build?

The upgrade from pmd-5.1.1 to pmd-java-5.2.3 was made in Gradle 2.4. There was then a change to the way we configured the default dependencies in Gradle 2.5. We aren’t aware of any changes in Gradle 2.6 that could trigger this change.

Can you please determine exactly which versions of Gradle is triggering this change in your build? A reproducible sample would help.

Hum. I can’t reproduce it any more. I had the library added into artifactory. Sorry…