Plugin with id '' not found

gradle version : 3.3

    apply plugin: 'java'
    repositories {
    buildscript {
        repositories {
        dependencies {
            classpath ""
    apply plugin: ""

    protobuf {
        protoc { artifact = '' }
        plugins {
            grpc { artifact = "io.grpc:protoc-gen-grpc-java:${grpcVersion}" }
        generateProtoTasks {
            all()*.plugins {
                grpc { option 'enable_deprecated=false' }

I have a root project, two sub-projects A and B.
I want to write a common configuration of A and B in the root project build.gradle file, but I always get the following error:
Plugin with id ‘’ not found.

When I write the same configuration in the A project build.gradle file, the compiler can be passed correctly.

I have been stuck here for a long time, who can help me.

You are using incorrect coordinates for the plugin. It should be For more information please see the GitHub page of the plugin.

I do not quite understand your answer,
I have already said that when I write the same configuration in the build.gradle file of the subproject A, the compilation can pass normally.
But when I move the configuration to the root project, subprojects{ }, compile error, see the code I gave above.
I’ve learned some usage from the links you gave, but I still have not found the cause of the error.
You can help me find out where the wrong configuration? Thank you. :grin:

The buildscript block needs to go on the top level of the build script (outside of subprojects).

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Thank you so much. I’m too sloppy. :wink:
Where can I learn about the use of gradle buildscript?

It 's too late for me to go to bed. Goodbye. :wave: Thanks again for your help.

You can learn about it in the user guide. However, I’d like to mention that we could do a better job in being more detailed about limitation and gotchas.