Plugin cannot be published due to 'exists already' error

Hello, today I tried to publish spotbugs plugin but it failed. Here is its error message:

Failed to post to server.
Server responded with:
Plugin: 'com.github.spotbugs', version: '1.6.7' exists already. It was created: 2017-05-16 13:43:18.304

But actually we have no 1.6.7 version in the past. Plugin page also does not list it.

Please kindly help me to find the way to release our plugin. Here is the build scan page of my build, please check. Thanks in advance for your help!

Did you cancel the initial build that published it? It looks like the version was uploaded but never activated which would happen if you cancel the publishPlugins task in-flight. Could you release 1.6.8 instead?

Thanks for your reply!

Well I don’t think we did so; according to log It was created: 2017-05-16 13:43:18.304.

Anyway I will try to release 1.6.8, thanks for your comment!

Confirmed that 1.6.8 has been deployed successfully. Thanks for your support!