PLUGIN AUTHORS: You can now delete accidentally published plugins for up to 7 days!

Hi all!

Sometimes you publish a plugin with the incorrect group-id or version, or just publish something accidentally.

Previously, you had to report this here and wait for a member of Gradle staff to delete the plugin version for you.

Today we released a new version of the Plugin Portal that gives you seven days to delete a plugin version that you are owner of. If it has been longer than seven days, you will need to reach out as before, but we hope that this change makes life easier and quicker for everyone.

Obviously, with great power comes great responsibility; if you delete a plugin that is already being used by someone then you will break their build, so if you know your plugin is in use, it’s probably best to fix and release a new version rather than delete an existing one.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or spot any issues with the new functionality!

Happy deleting!