Please create tag for new configuration model

If the development team wants feedback on the new configuration/software model, then it’s not a good idea to leave posts related to it languishing in the forum with no response. To help keep on top of this, how about adding a tag dedicated to this topic, or perhaps add a sub-forum.


Thanks for the suggestion @pledbrook. I think this is a good idea. I’ve begun a conversation internally to discuss how we can respond to software model feedback more efficiently.

I’ve created a tag for software model related questions. Feel free to use it as appropriate.

Thanks. I’ll add it to my other posts.

Hi forgive me if this is the wrong place, but i have a topic

“Extending a model using Rule based model configuration”

which perhaps is suitable to have this tag.

If so how do I add the tag tho the topic?

BR / JO Sivtoft

@JOSivtoft Clicking on the pencil icon next to the title of the post gives you the option to modify the tags.

Thanks. Found it and tagged it. Hope someone have some inputs to the issue as it is crucial for us at the moment.