Pending Approval and Plugin not working

I am writing a plugin and I tested it using Test

class ShowDatePluginTest {
public void testShowPlugin(){
    Project project = ProjectBuilder.builder().build()
    project.pluginManager.apply 'show-date-plugin'
    project.tasks.showDate.doLast {

This Above test it working properly , it indicate I have created a plugin. How can I distribute or test my distribution.
I tried to publish it to Jfrog and Gradle pluing . I am not sure what I am missing here are my step.

My Plugin published in Jfrog is having only jar and pom file and while applying it in any project it is unable to find it .
I tried publishing the same plugin in gradle plugin repo and it is awating approval . I am not sure it will work or not.

I am want to test a simple date plugin and then I will upload my orginal plugin .
Please help me with publishing the plugin properly.