Parallel execution of TestNG suites with different browser combinations

(vignesh jeyaraj) #1

I am new to Gradle 1.4. I have a requirement to Automate the Test cases across different Browser combination which I need to run on sauce labs.I have used Selenium 2.31 and TestNG for building the scripts. I am passing the browser and platform combinations from build.gradle as System Property and within the script I am instantiating the browser on sauce labs.

ext.exeenvironments = [“RemoteWin2008firefox18”, “RemoteWin2008Gchrome24”] //smoke Test Automation tasks GParsPool.withPool(poolSize) {

exeenvironments.eachParallel { environment ->

task “${environment}Test”(type: Test) {

systemProperty “LOG_DIRECTORY”,"$buildDir/reports/tests/"

testReportDir = file("$buildDir/reports/tests/AutomationTest-report")

systemProperty “exeenvironment”, environment




task smokeTest(overwrite: true,dependsOn: exeenvironments.collect {tasks["${it}Test"]})

The values present in exeenvironment are userdefinednames which I will split inside the selenium script to identify the platform,browser and version combinations.

Now, I want the test present in my TestNG suite to run parallel across the mentioned browsers. But the scripts are executed successfully in sequential manner but not parallel. I have also tried with maxParallelForks also but that doesn’t work.

Kindly let me know how I can run my TestNG suite with all the different browser combinations.

(Peter Niederwieser) #2

So you want to run the same test suite multiple times in parallel, with varying configuration? Gradle itself doesn’t currently provide a straightforward way to do this. Since you are using TestNG, I’d check if TestNG’s parallelization and configuration features can deal with this.

PS: Parallelizing evaluation of the build script is the wrong approach and won’t affect test execution at all.

(Luke Daley) #3

You have four options for parallelism:

  1. Build invocation parallelism by CI server - e.g. multiple build jobs

  2. Parallel Gradle task execution - 3. Parallel test execution - 4. TestNG parallelism

The simplest solution is usually to use a combination of #1 and #3.

The caveat with #2 is that Gradle only parallelises tasks in different projects. The caveat with #4 is that all of your test setup/config code (e.g. creating your WebDriver instances) must be thread safe.