Override a version of a catalog by version alias

Hey ther im trying to override a version declared as

a-b-foo-dev = "1.2.3"

ive read that the dashes doesnt matter, even thought i can replace them with dots.
but upon overrwriting the version in the settings.gradle.kts its not clear how its working.


other alias like a-b-foo-dev not working also.
So whats the ideal way to clean this mess up?

I used the version-catalog plugin to create and publish a catalog containing:

catalog {
    versionCatalog {
        version("a-b-c", "1.0")

I then imported it into another project:

dependencyResolutionManagement {
    repositories {
    versionCatalogs {
        create("libs") {
            version("a-b-c", "override")

Then in the build I print out the value in the build script:


Which results in override being displayed. I tested using Gradle 7.5.1.