Only execute uploadArchives if version not already exists in the repository

Is there any easy way to execute uploadArchives (using mavenDeployer) only if the current version of the artifact does not already exist in the repository? I have until now used outputs.upToDateWhen { true } but the problem with that is that I can not run a clean before the build can result in incidents if the component has been refactored. I have tried to find any way for the uploadArchives task to not fail the build, but just give a warning if it fails to upload to the repository, but I have not succeeded.

This isn’t something that’s supported out-of-the-box, but you could implement it on your own. For example, you could use the ‘uploadArchives.onlyIf { … }’ hook to construct the repository artifact URL and do a HTTP HEAD request to see if the artifact is there.

Can I from the maven deployer get the full path to where it will upload the artifact or do I have to build hat myself?

I think you have to construct it yourself, but it should be straightforward.

Ok, I did some fast spaghetti coding :wink: It seems to work. Thank you for the help. Here is my code if somebody else needs something similar.

project.uploadArchives {

onlyIf {



outputs.upToDateWhen { project.onlyUploadArchivesWhenUpdated }

repositories.mavenDeployer {

repository(url: project.repoReleaseUpload) {

authentication(userName: project.repoUsername, password: project.repoPassword)


snapshotRepository(url: project.repoSnapshotUpload) {

authentication(userName: project.repoUsername, password: project.repoPassword)


} }

private static boolean doUpload(Project project) {


return true


def jarName = + ‘-’ + project.version + ‘.jar’

def repositoryPath =".", “/”) + “/” + + “/” + project.version + “/” + jarName

def repositoryUrl = project.repoReleaseUpload + repositoryPath

return !urlExists(repositoryUrl) }

private static boolean urlExists(String repositoryUrl) {

try {

def connection = (HttpURLConnection) new URL(repositoryUrl).openConnection()

def timeoutInMillis = 10000




def responseCode = connection.getResponseCode()

return (200 <= responseCode && responseCode >= 399)

} catch (IOException ignored) {

return false

} }

Looks good. Some hints:

  • Method ‘doUpload’ should declare return type ‘boolean’ (or none at all). In its current form, the method will always return ‘null’, which is ‘false’ according to Groovy truth. * ‘true’ needs to be replaced with ‘return true’ (otherwise it’s a noop). * The ‘return’ keyword in ‘return doUpload’ can be omitted.

Yes, I noticed that it didn’t fully work. But now it fixed :slight_smile: I also edited the code above. Thank you again for the help.