NoSuchMethodError with Gradle 6.0

I’m using a plugin that calls
It worked fine on Gradle versions < 6.0

This method has changed in Gradle 6.0 from
TaskInputs property(String name, Object value);
TaskInputPropertyBuilder property(String name, @Nullable Object value);

After upgrading to Gradle 6.0, I now get NoSuchMethodError exception when using the plugin.

If I recompile the plugin with the 6.0 Gradle API then it works.

Is this expected/intended? Do I need to recompile the plugin (surely it will then fail for <6.0 Gradle versions)? Or am I doing something stupid/wrong?

Hi Arthur,

the new method has been introduced in Gradle 4.3, and when you compile a plugin against Gradle 4.3 or later, then the method will be used and the plugin will work with Gradle 6.0.

So yes, this is expected since we removed the bridge method TaskInputs property(String name, Object value); in Gradle 6.0.


Hi Stefan

Thanks for the swift response.

Currently this plugin is compiled under v3.5. I guess the min supported version could be moved to 4.3.

Is there any data on usage of Gradle versions - e.g. what % of users may still be on pre-4.3?
Or data on what versions of Gradle have been used to download a specific plug-in?