Non Src File modifications are not being noticed by Gradle

We are noticing this problem recently in our multi project Gradle build.

If we change some of the files, which are not considered as src files, like xml, images (more of resource stuff which goes into WAR,EAR etc), Gradle is some how missing to notice this change.

As a result the project is not shown in “projects to rebuild” category. This is further causing the WAR and EAR targets to show “up-to-date” instead of building it, not packaging the WAR or EAR with changed content.

Whats the best possible solution to this problem?

Adding all resource stuff to “sourceSets.main.resources” would help?

Is there plugin which can be of help in this scenario?

One more issue we notice is sometimes the copy type task says up-to-date where it should NOT, should we use a sync type task instead of copy?

Thanks in advance.

It’s pretty hard to answer this without more information about your setup. Where are these files? What are they being used by?