No way to search user guide anymore?

The new user guide ( appears to have no search function or single-page version. The PDF ( isn’t searchable either (e.g., searching for “pluginManagement” produces no hits). How are we supposed to find information now?

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I did reproduce the PDF search issue when opening it in a browser. But once downloaded, search works fine (at least using Preview on Mac). It could be linked to its size.

For the web search, there is indeed no longer a dedicated search box, but Google indexes Gradle documentation pretty well. So using something like site: pluginManagement works well.

And for more context: see

The single-page HTML user manual is still online, but we are aware that there is no link to it. There are plans to update the navigation and I hope to add a link then.

Thanks for the tips. Downloading the PDF does the trick but is cumbersome. A “site:” search needs to be followed with another in-browser search on the target page (also cumbersome). An integrated search function or (link to) single-page user guide would be more user-friendly.