New plugin version doesn't cause out of date

I have uploaded a new version of my Gradle plugin to Artifactory. With the next run Gradle is downloading and using it, but considers the tasks where the sourcefiles didn’t change as ‘up to date’. But my new plugin is generating different output, so it must be run again.

Now I found this in the documentation:

58.4.2. Which inputs are considered out of date? Currently, Gradle does not use task history from a different version.
So apparently Gradle is running all tasks again after upgrading to a new version. How can I achive this for my plugin as well? Is there any support for this from Gradle side? Or should I write the output of the plugin to a different output folder with each new version? (if yes: who is cleaning up the old folder?)

I know I can fix this manually by executing


or specifying


, but I’m looking for an automated solution.

This is GRADLE-2936.

We’ve been working towards solving this, but aren’t quite there yet. Unfortunately, there’s no automated solution right now other than using one of the techniques you mentioned in places where accuracy is crucial.