New feature proposal: support metadataCharset in zipTree

Hi folks.

A user posted with an issue in zipTree. The root of his problem is that the filenames in the zipfile are encoded using CP-437, but zipTree doesn’t provide a mechanism to declare the encoding of the input file.

To fix, this, I opened . I added the ability to specify metadataCharset in zipTree to mirror the property name used when creating a zip file. There’s further discussion on my design considerations in the PR.

Meta-problem: I am completely open to revisions and changes (I’ve made some already in response to a contributor). I’m not aware of how to get it noticed.

  1. I tried #general on Slack:
  2. I followed the Contributing Guidelines to the best of my ability. The Contributing Guidelines pinned in this forum are outdated (they refer to the gradle-dev mailing list, which is closed).