Need to upgrade from java8 to java11 managed Jaxb feature

Hi All,

at present my project is developed on java8 and we are using jaxb dependencies to generate class from xsd schemas to pojos, now we need to upgrade our gradle project from java8 to java11, not getting concrete solution to accommodate the jaxb feature with java11.

what dependencies I need to add to get this jaxb features in my gradle java11 project.
at present we are using jax-xpc and jax-impl features.

That’s not in any way Gradle related, except that you build your project with Gradle.
Please take your question to some more appropriate community.
If you depended on some classes that were present in Java 8 but are not anymore in Java 11, you need to find out under which coordinates they are publishe now and depend on those. You can for example use to search for artifacts containing the classes in question.