Need help to undestand Gradle build log file (-d option)

I’m staring my first Gradle build on existing or existing repository. Need overwrite standard Gradle properties a lot. Not sure that I’m on right way. For example - I see in the log file (gradle build -d): 11:22:45.937 [DEBUG] [org.gradle.initialization.BuildSourceBuilder] Starting to build the build sources. 11:22:45.937 [DEBUG] [org.gradle.initialization.BuildSourceBuilder] Gradle source dir does not exist. We leave.

What is “Gradle source dir does not exist. We leave.” Is it reference to standard sourceDir or it can find my source directory? Which messages are critical?

Any help to for better understanding the log/build process will be very appreciated!

This message is not about not finding your production sources. It means that there are no source for the gradle build itself available/necessary to compile (for details have a look at the gradle userguide:

In general no critical message will be logged on “debug” level.

cheers, René

Thank you!