Ncu like update to puglin and dependencides verstions

is there any thing like node check updates for gradle to auto check and update all the dependencies

Maven too has some thing like this

In a built-in way, you could use dynamic versions / version ranges if you would like, optimally combined with dependency locking, so that your builds are reproducible and reliable. If you then tell Gradle to update the lock file, all new versions will be put in.

Besides that, there are various plugins one can use.
I usually prefer having concrete versions and have them in a version catalog.
Then I use a combination of the gradle-versions-plugin which is slower but more correct to be able to display which dependencies are outdated and which are up-to-date,
with refreshVersions that is faster and can make comments for all available newer versions into the version catalog file, but only supports Maven repositories as it does not use the Gradle resolution mechanism but checks them itself (which makes it fast and able to have all newer versions, but limited in supported repository types).

Another alternative are bots like Dependabot or the probably better Renovate which can open PRs for you with version updates.

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An update based on my todays google search…

I tried with these plugins

 id 'se.patrikerdes.use-latest-versions' version '0.2.18'
    id 'com.github.ben-manes.versions' version '0.46.0'

and with these commands

gradle dependencyUpdates - reports all the updated ones
gradle useLatestVersions - it does update the gradle build file exactly like ncu.

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