Native Platform Install tasks are based on build os, not binary os

When cross compiling, I would expect that the install task would generate a launch script for the os you are compiling for, not the os you are compiling on. This is not currently the case in Gradle 2.5. I haven’t checked this on the master yet.

i.e. I was installing for windows from my linux machine, and the exe launch script generated by the install* task was a bash script, not a bat file.

The ‘install’ task is pretty limited right now, and was only intended to make it easy to easily try out things locally. Yep, it would be good to honour the target OS rather than the build OS. A pull request would be welcome.

I should be able to do that pretty easily, after I get more familiar with the testing structure.

I should be able to do that pretty easily.

Pull Request #493 is ready.

Thanks Ryan. We appreciate the work put into this pull request.

The Gradle team doesn’t currently have the capacity to deal with all of the bugs, feature requests, great ideas and pull requests that we receive. Pull requests are interesting because they may seem like they come for “free”. Our experience has shown that in order to maintain the level of quality and consistency that Gradle users expect, we need to invest significant engineering effort in all but the most trivial PRs.

We are actively recruiting to increase our engineering team, so hopefully this is a temporary situation. We ask for patience in the meantime.

No problem. I imagine it’s tough to manage such a popular open source project. (Over 1000 forks!)

I just wasn’t sure the best way to let your team know about my pull request. I posted here, in the dev forum, and commented on the pull request itself. :smile:

Excellent work by the way. I’m considering moving to gradle on all of my projects (when the native platform is better suited for cross-compiling).