Multiprojects: wrong test classpath

In a gradle multi-project configuration, when a project depends on several others who share different versions of same dependencies, all those versions are present in the classpath when running a test in eclipse (4.5.1 with buildship 1.0.5).

eg. in the following multiproject

 |-- project1
 |    |-- log4j 1.2.14
 |-- project2
 |    |-- log4j 1.2.17
 |-- project-tests
 |    |-- project(':project1')  
 |    |-- project(':project2')  

Then when running a test in eclipse, test classpath in project-tests project will include both log4j-1.2.14 and log4j-1.2.17. Obviously it leads to runtime issues dependending on which version comes first in classpath.

While when running tests with gradle test, only the younger version will show up (as I would expect).

A self-contained example using gradle-2.8 is available on (problem appears also on idea, hence the project name). Just launch ClasspathTest in project-tests.

Note that the classpath in project properties seems correct (project1 and project2 do not export their deps and project-tests have only log4j-1.2.17). But when I run a test both log4j versions are in classpath.

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What is the version of Gradle that you run the build with?
Note that as of Gradle 2.5, the generated classpath is not using any exports anymore.


I use gradle-2.8.

Indeed, gradle 2.5 fixes some classpath problems that made eclipse unable to compile code in some cases (because it would have used the version exported by a module instead of its own).

But here the problem occurs only when running tests, where several versions of the same modules come into the classpath. Although as I said, the dependencies seems to be correct in project properties:

  • log4j-1.2.17 in project-tests dependencies
  • no exported dep in project1 and project2

I just found out what causes the problem. Buildship defines project dependencies inside the classpath container. Turns out if a project dependency is specified inside a classpath container then the isExported flag is ignored for runtime.

I’ve created a Bugzilla issue to follow-up on this problem :

There is also a similar problem with non-multi-projects. I’ve put in bugreport for it here:

Thanks for the bug report. I’ll follow-up on the Bugzilla issue.

The fix for this issue has been implemented and soon will be released as part of Buildship 1.0.18. You can test it with latest development snapshot.

I have the latest version of Buildship Eclipse Plugin installed but I amd still facing the same issue. Junit-4.10 gets precedence over 4.12 and causes compiler error.