Multiproject build with Android, Play and Idea fails

Gradle Version: 3.1
Operating System and JVM version: Windows 10 Pro with Oracle JDK 8_103
Is this a regression? If yes, which version of Gradle do you know it last worked for? No regression.

I have a multi-project build. The data project is a simple Java 7 library, and the app project is an android app using the data project. The web project is a Play Framework 2.5.8 app using the new Gradle 3.1 feature and also requires the data project. The problem is that when I want to activate the idea plugin for the web project, the following error occurs:

An exception occurred applying plugin request [id: 'idea']
Failed to apply plugin [id 'org.gradle.idea']
> A dependency must not be empty

The error does not occur if I remove the idea plugin from the web project again. But then, one does not have the IDE sync with the gradle project.

Also, this error does not occur for an example Play 2.5.8 app, as shown in