Multiproject build and custom rootDir

Im trying to include external Gradle project into my own and it seems like I don’t understand some fundamental things here. Here is what my project structure looks like:

    |-- build.gradle
    |-- settings.gradle
    |-- app
         |-- build.gradle
         |-- src

    |-- build.gradle
    |-- settings.gradle
    |-- lib
         |-- build.gradle
         |-- src

What Im trying to do - is to include ProjectB/lib into my ProjectA.
The way I’m doing that is as follows:


include ':coolLib'
project(':coolLib').projectDir = new File('../ProjectB/lib')

Now I can refer to project B as a dependency:

compile project(':coolLib')

The problem is that ProjectB/lib/build.gradle has some assumptions about root project - i.e has references to extra properties from ProjectB/build.gradle ( i.e. rootProject.ext.someFancyVariable).

But as I understand, when I build ProjectB/lib as part of ProjectA, rootProject points to ProjectA rather ProjectB, so this someFancyVariable is not available.

I realize that I could just reconfigure ProjectB gradle configuration or add relevant extra variables to ProjectA, but I don’t really like any of these approaches because:

  1. I don’t want to modify ProjectB since this is a third party lib and I want to keep it untouched
  2. I don’t want to modify my ProjectA just to make ProjectB happy because extra variable - is just a tip of the iceberg. ProjectB/lib also uses custom gradle plugins which are located in ProjectB root directory (apply from: "$rootDir/gradle/somePlugin.gradle)

Is there any easy solution to build ProjectB/lib as part of ProjectA in my situation?

P.S. Sorry for confusing post title - originally it was “Multiproject build”, but this title is already taken :slight_smile: So I had to come with some other weird name. Naming was never my strongest side…