Multiple versions of the same library

I need to include two versions of the same library at the same time in the same project.

I found a solution from nine years ago, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me:

I’ve tried:

configurations {

dependencies {
    apiv1 ''
    apiv1alpha ''

task libs(type: Sync) {
    from configurations.apiv1
    from configurations.apiv1alpha
    into "$buildDir/libs"

But either I didn’t understand the previous answer or something has changed in the last decade - or both.

Any suggestion what I should try?

Besides that this setup is not really bad-practice free, as the configurations that are created there have a legacy setup that should better not be used, currently it should work fine. What makes you think it does now work?

Indeed it works.

I (wrongly) assumed that gradle would automatically pick up dependencies on the jar files in the libs directory. Once I add these jars as explicit dependencies I can use the code contained in them.

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