Multiple SourceSets with include option

The output of these lines is a jar with 3KB which contains classA.class file. But I want the class files of src also.

 sourceSets {
   main {
     java {
       srcDir '../../../../../../SC'
       include '../../../../../../SC/com/user/shared/'
       srcDir 'src'        

Hi, I have created this thread Adding external resources to sourceSets in Android after yours. It seems we have a similar configuration and probably a similar problem. Can you please elaborate on your question? Have you being able to make it work with your relative paths?

However, yours applies to java files. My issue applies to resources. But rest looks the same thing.

Yes I am able to make it work…

There is no option include '…/…/…/…/…/…/SC/com/user/shared/’
for a folder alone. It applies for all the srcDir

I had to put many include and exclude statements to make it work.

I understand, +1 for your request