Multiple gradle version in 1 project

I have a legacy gradle project (version 2.14) and I would like to have a submodule which can run the latest gradle version.
Unfortunately, the legacy project have some constraints to get upgraded.
Is this possible?

Currently this is the project structure

  • settings.gradle
  • build.gradle
  • src/main/java
  • module1
  • module2

If you ask if you can have your main project built with one version of Gradle, while a sub-module is built by another, I am pretty sure you can’t do that in an easy way. The reason is that the entire project, with all its sub-modules, is evaluated in the same version of Gradle. And so all build files need to be compatible with that version.

You could make your sub-module into a stand-alone project, and perhaps invoke it from the main project. But you may have to do a lot of “wiring” to get inputs and outputs right.

Sometimes when I have been working on projects locked into an old version of Gradle which I could not change (because it was hard-coded into CI pipelines that someone else maintained), I made the scripts forward-compatible. That way I could use newer versions of Gradle myself and enjoy the benefits of all the performance improvements, without breaking the build for old versions. The downside to that approach is that a lot of if/else statements may be needed where the DSL/API differs between versions. So from a maintenance perspective, that can be a bit costly.