Multiple build scripts

I have created multiple build scripts based upon functionality. I thought I could combine them using apply from:. I am unsure if I can use this tactic, and am unsure if property files are still respected. Can anyone please clarify these and other “issues” with this approach.

I wish to clarify my question, in that I have not received an answer yet. The question is trying to address the following: I am not seeking solutions for a multi-project build, I instead have blocks of logic that could be applied at different times for different projects. I am seeking to create build “fragments” that when creating a NEW project could be combined without copying and pasting. There is “apply from” but it seems to only accept one other build file. I hope this clarifies my question and someone can clarify if it is possible and how.

Yes, this is perfectly fine. The functionality will be the same as if you included the other file inline. That means your apply from: line must occur after setting any property you want to use or applying a plugin that does the same.

You will need to use one apply from: line for each file you want to include.

You can see an example of this in the build of Gradle itself: