Multi project, wtp project can't be hotdeploy to tomcat with its dependencies projects

I’m using gradle 1.11 and pure eclipse jee 3.5 to build a project which contains two sub project a war(apply plugin ‘war’,‘eclipse-wtp’) and a java(apply plugin ‘java’,‘eclipse’). the the root build.gradle added:

project(’:war’) { dependencies { compile project(’:java’) } } gradle build under root directory can generate the war which contains java.jar in it’s WEB-INF/libs but after import them in eclipse the java project can’t be hotdeploy as a compontent of war project.

Is there any special configuration I need to do ?

I’ve got the answer:

if a project only apply plugin ‘eclipse’ this project can be imported into eclipse after but the project can’t be assigned as a compontent to other projects for hotdeployment.

if a project apply plugin ‘eclipse-wtp’ it can be imported into eclipse after , and it’s able to set it as a compontent for other projects by “Java EE Module Dependencies”

This is very inportent in multi projects for webapplication wiht eclipse hotdeployment

how to hotdeploy?