Multi folder up/down dependency question?

We have a huge legacy codebase with deep directory structure and different teams owning different submodules. For example lets say the deep directory structures are X/Y/Z and P/Q/R but these folders are not owned by me, only project A and B are owned by me. I do not have permission to put settings.gradle file in folders/modules that is not owned by me also refactoring the folder structure is a non starter. Now using gradle how to I state the dependency that project B depends on project A?

E.g. folder structure:



Thanks, PB

What’s the goal here? To have a build (just) for A and B, with everything else being binary dependencies? Will other teams use Gradle as well, e.g. for building R and Z? Does your team even check out folders other than A and B from source control?

Yes only project A and B to be build by gradle. Other folder may have c/c++ code and will not be build by gradle. Full directory structure is checked out but each team builds only their own folders.


You can put ‘settings.gradle’ into A, have it include B, and reconfigure the project directory for B. See ‘Settings’ in the Gradle DSL reference.

How do I reconfigure B? Changing directory structure is not an option.

See ‘Settings’ in the Gradle DSL reference.