Modifying file contents on Zip tasks

Hi - I know what I’m doing can be done in separate steps, but just curious if there is a simpler way to achieve this via gradle.

I’m essentially trying to create an archive from a set of files, but as each file is added to the archive I would also like to manipulate the entire contents of the file.( I would actually like to gzip then base64 the file - please don’t ask why!)

tasks.add( name: "zip_foo", type: Zip) { task ->
   extension = 'zip'
   from "tmp/foo" {
      //filter - seems to work line by line - not sure if can work on an entire file
   eachFile { fileCopyDetails ->
      // i could get fileCopyDetails.getFile() and modify it, but might as well do that external to this task.

Not sure if this can be done or not. I’d like to do this as a step when archiving as to preserver the original source.

Any help is appreciated.


For modifications other than filtering text files, it’s probably better to use a separate task.

Ok thanks. I’ll stop trying to jam the square peg in!