Missing transitive dependencies

I’m trying to import one of my dependencies into my project but My dependency dependencies are not imported into the compile class path. Here is the dependency I’m talking about as we can see in the pom every transitive dependencies have a <scope>compile</scope>. So I don’t get why InteliJ won’t add them to the class path.

Here is the result in InteliJ

This looks like expected behavior given that:

  1. The dependency is published with Gradle module metadata that would be preferred over the more limited Maven POM.
  2. The published module file doesn’t specify API dependencies until version 0.0.12 and this is using version 0.0.6. The dependencies are listed in 0.0.11 as they’re shown in IntelliJ.

Thanks for oyour time; unfortunately, the screenshot was form an older test; i should have stated that. But even the 0.0.12 was not working and i was getting the exact same results. But i found out why !
The published module depends on a kotlin library; the same library was explicitly imported in the project. Thus gradle did not import any dependencies from the module. I fixed it by removing the explicit declaration of the dependency.