Migrating to gradle from cmake

I have been writing some opengl based tools in c using cmake and clion. That workflow is great mainly because clion supports ctags so well, I can basically hop around my source code w/o too much hassle.

In the past I worked with android and eclipse but now they are moving to gradle with android studio and that’s how I came to find out about gradle.

My c project isn’t very large yet so I could easily migrate it to gradle from cmake it’s just that currently I am having some issues.

It seems that the ide’s that support gradle don’t really support ctags that well, so when I am editing my c code it’s a real pain to get around. On the android side things are really nice especially with android studio.

My question, are there any IDE that supports at least c’s ctags that allow me to easily navigate my code and some code error checking when using gradle?

I need to work in c and I do some java work in android and some jni stuff to talk to my underlying code.

I also posted a similar question here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32559564/intellij-for-android-and-c-code-development