Migrate from Eclipse / javabuilder scripts to Gradle

I have an existing Java Swing app for Mac and Windows, built in Eclipse, with some scripts to use javabuilder to manage the packaging & distribution. Having befriended my favourite search engine and read many articles from different time periods I’ve concluded I need to move to JavaFX to access other platforms and gradle apears to be front and centre for javafxports.

Before migrating to JavaFX, the first sensible step would appear to be to move from my current setup to gradle, however am struggling to find any blog posts or info that addresses the use case “gradle, github, eclipse, JavaFX, mac dmg, windows msi” Want to check out as much as possible before committing to the switch as a solo developer.

All my reading also suggests that Eclipse and Gradle don’t play too well together, i.e. you do edit/compile/test cycles in eclipse, then have to drop out to the command line to run Gradle to make a seperate build … am I understanding this correctly please? My preferred ease-of-use setup would be driving everything form eclipse, exporting the final signed installer packages as per java(fx)builder.

Any pointers on articles or reading that’s specific to this case would be very appreciated, and I in turn will contribute back with in depth blog posts on my experiences, references etc.