metaInf is missing from documentation

The ‘metaInf’ method is missing from Jar’s documentation and probably from ‘Ear’ as well.

Hey Schalk, thanks for letting us. know. The fastest way to fix this kind of small issues is by providing a pull-request :wink: Would you mind?

Hey Rene,

The thing is I don’t know why it is missing. If I look at ‘platform-jvm/src/main/java/org/gradle/api/tasks/bundling/’ the javadoc is there.


Properties/methods have to be explicitly listed in xml descriptor files to show up int the DSL reference. The one for Jar task is here.

You’re probably wondering why that file is almost empty yet there are properties and methods listed for that class. Descriptors are inherited down the class inheritance tree, so see the descriptors for Zip, AbstractArchiveTask, AbstractCopyTask, etc. to understand how this works and what the syntax is.

While you’re there, it might be a good idea to also list ‘manifest’.

IN addition to ‘manifest’ am I supposed to add ‘getManifest’ and ‘setManifest’ as well?

Should I create the PR for master or another branch?

Yes, please add a ‘manifest’ property for ‘getManifest()’ and ‘setManifest()’.

When it comes to PRs the general rule is to create them for master.