Merging Resources and Manifest File

I’m looking for a way by which I can merge resources and manifest file changes (coming form multiple AAR Projects) without recompiling the whole source code.

i.e. If suppose, my project structure includes 5 AARs and each one of them has a res folder each having a values.xml file. On building the APK, the classes.dex and resource files packed in each of these 5 AARs become part of the APK and the final APK has a merged values.xml file.

I’m looking for a way by which if there was a change in values.xml file of only 1 AAR, then I should be able to manually invoke “some” merging tool or task that could create the merged values.xml file required for APK level. I then plan to run AAPT.exe over it to generate the resources.ap_ file. Thereafter, I plan to extract the .arsc files and the res files from the ap_ file, and manually pack them in the existing APK from some previous full build. What I expect to get is a fast resource patching of the APK.

What I don’t want to do: I don’t want to invoke a full build, or build the java code.

I intend to achieve the same for anything inside res folder (not just values.xml), and also for Manifest.xml files

Any help would be much appreciated.


Any suggestions/inputs anyone ?