Maven repository on SSL with SNI

When moving our Nexus repository from HTTP to HTTPS, we are running into a new problem:

[Wed Nov 18 16:43:44.268854 2015] [ssl:error] [pid 15999:tid 34561142784] AH02033: No hostname was provided via SNI for a name based virtual host
[18/Nov/2015:16:43:44 +1100] "HEAD /content/groups/public/org/apache/ant/ant-antlr/1.9.6/ant-antlr-1.9.6.pom HTTP/1.1" 403 - "-" "Gradle/2.7 (FreeBSD;10.2-RELEASE;amd64) (Oracle Corporation;1.8.0_60;25.60-b23)"

Yes, the Nexus repo is behind Apache httpd 2.4 which is using SNI. But why isn’t gradle sending through the full hostname for each request? Is this a gradle bug, or just an obscure setting?

This is a result of the version of HttpClient used in Gradle not supporting SNI. We are tracking this as GRADLE-3250. This is on our backlog of things to look at in the near future to include this pull request.

Excellent, good to see it has almost landed. Solid SSL support is important.