Maven-publish generated pom dependency scope

How can I customize the scope of deps in a pom generated by maven-publish? Default scope I get is ‘runtime’, I wanna have some of them ‘compile’, ‘provided’, etc.

For now, you’ll need to use the withXml() hook to modify the generated POM directly.

A little bit of the work has been done on customising publication dependencies. It will be relatively straightforward to implement, but we have other priorities for the next release, unfortunately.


What about publishing source jars?

What about publishing source jars?

This will be a lot easier with Gradle 1.5. It’s in RC phase now, so you should try it out:‘maven-publish’-and-‘ivy-publish’-plugins

What is the status of this issue? With gradle 2.1 the scope ‘provided’ is still not passed on to the pom.