Maven-publish does not work? can't find maven-metadata.xml

Where is maven-metadata.xml supposed to come from when you are using maven-publish?

I expect it would be generated for me, but there is very little information about this. Testing out maven-publish, uploading to an S3 bucket. Everything goes great, the artifacts, sha1s and poms are all uploaded to my bucket just as I expect.

The very last step fails with an error telling me it can’t find maven-metadata.xml

Could not transfer metadata …/maven-metadata.xml from/to remote (s3://…/releases): Could not get resource ‘…/maven-metadata.xml’

I just want to publish my artifact to a bucket. I explicitly to not want a 3rd party like artifactory or nexus involved here, I just want to know how maven-publish generates this with just gradle.

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Also your publish task silently succeeds when it publishes nothing, which can happen due to configuration error. I’m guessing that noone ever expects run publish and get a noop, an error would be better here.

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