Maven-publish does not re-read when gradle (1.8) runs in daemon mode

maven-publish does not re-read when run in daemon. even hardcoding the username in the build.gradle itself does not reset it. only after stoping the daemon that that new values for username/password are re-read. I noticed, though, that if it fails with the read values it will re-read them until it gets a good credential pair. then after that the properties do not have any effect until daemon is stoped. it’s as if the daemon caches the successful results and ignores anything after.

EDIT: Thinking more about it, this could be a feature if propery exposed, for build servers. for example if we add a parameter like “daemonCache true”

                username artifactoryUser
                password artifactoryPwrd

in this case we configure the username/password in the ~/.gradle/ (or even hardcode them in the script) start gradle daemon once. and then delete the credentials (from the or the script) with the param daemonCache to true, the daemon keeps the credentials as in the current “bug” and no need to put the username/password anywhere.

This is just an idea, but definitely I do think it is a bug when not reacting to the change of credentials, in its current form.