Maven plugin requires Java plugin in ears and wars

(Juha Ranta) #1

As a new Gradle user, I spent some wondering why the install task of the Maven plugin didn’t work with my wars and ears. I noticed that in order to get it working, you also need to apply the Java plugin in those war and ear projects. None of the guides mention this and it’s hard to figure out for new users.

So, I suggest that this will at least mentioned in the guides. Even better would be if you don’t need to apply the java plugin at all in the ear or war projects.

(Peter Niederwieser) #2

From looking at the code, I’d say that only the Ear but not the War plugin suffers from this problem. If so, please file an issue.

(Juha Ranta) #3

Yes, you’re right. I just tested it again and it seems to be an issue only with the ear plugin. Thanks.