Maven plugin install task not being called

I have a multi-project build that’s laid out like this:

rosjava_core/build.gradle rosjava_core/rosjava/build.gradle rosjava_core/rosjava_bootstrap/build.gradle

rosjava depends on rosjava_bootstrap.

I’d like to deploy the artifacts to my .m2 cache. When I run gradle install, however, the install task is skipped for the rosjava_bootstrap project (it gets as far as rosjava_boostrap:jar) and the rosjava:compileJava task is started. The rosjava project depends on some artifacts in my .m2 cache that depend on rosjava_bootstrap being in the .m2 cache. So, the build fails.

I don’t understand why the rosjava_bootstrap:install task isn’t being called immediately after rosjava_bootstrap:jar? If I call gradle rosjava_boostrap:install, it executes as expect.

I believe my question on stackoverflow ( may also have something to do with this.

The code and build scripts are visible here:

I added a hack to rosjava/build.gradle that fixes this problem:

afterEvaluate {
  classes.dependsOn project(':rosjava_bootstrap').tasks.install

However, I still have issues with eclipse generation (as described in detail on stackoverflow). So, I think this is probably the wrong solution.

I don’t understand why the rosjava_bootstrap:install task isn’t being called immediately after rosjava_bootstrap:jar?

Probably because there is no task dependency that tells Gradle to do so.

I don’t have the full picture, but it seems like you should exclude rosjava_bootstrap when declaring a dependency from rosjava on that other module in the .m2 cache. Then you might not even have to install rosjava_bootstrap to the .m2 cache - at least not for building rosjava. The project dependency from rosjava on rosjava_bootstrap is enough to get the latter on the former’s class path.

Thanks for the help. Perhaps I don’t quite understand your suggestion, but I tried removing the dependency on rosjava_bootstrap from rosjava. As expected, the build still fails like so (I removed logging about irrelevant packages):

~/ros/workspace/rosjava_core$ gradle clean install
  FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
  * What went wrong:
Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':rosjava:compile'.
> Could not find group:ros.rosjava_core, module:rosjava_bootstrap, version:0.0.0-SNAPSHOT.
  Required by:
      ros.rosjava_core:rosjava:0.0.0-SNAPSHOT > ros:message.std_msgs:0.0.0-SNAPSHOT
      ros.rosjava_core:rosjava:0.0.0-SNAPSHOT > ros:message.rosgraph_msgs:0.0.0-SNAPSHOT

std_msgs and rosgraph_msgs are installed in my .m2 cache and have a pom that specifies a dependency on rosjava_bootstrap. So, rosjava has a transitive dependency on rosjava_bootstrap through std_msgs and rosgraph_msgs.

Maybe I’m going about this all wrong. I’m open to suggestions about how to do this in the most gradle-y way possible. However, I’d like to avoid converting std_msgs and rosgraph_msgs to gradle for the moment.

You have to exclude ‘rosjava_bootstrap’ when you bring in ‘std_msgs’ and ‘rosgraph_msgs’. You are already getting ‘rosjava_bootstrap’ from the project dependency, so there is no need to also get it from the local Maven repository. Something like:

dependencies {
  compile("xxx:std_msgs:1.0") {
    exclude module: "rosjava_bootstrap"

Thanks, that works great.

Is there a concise way to group the dependencies that should exclude rosjava_bootstrap? I tried:

dependencies {
  compile(["xxx:std_msgs:1.0", "xxx:rosgraph_msgs:1.0"]) {
    exclude module: "rosjava_bootstrap"

A simple solution is to exclude ‘rosjava_bootstrap’ globally with ‘configurations.compile.exclude module: “rosjava_bootstrap”’ or ‘configurations.all*.exclude module: “rosjava_bootstrap”’.

Wouldn’t that also exclude it where it’s necessary (i.e. in the rosjava project)? Or did you mean that I should do that on a per subproject basis?

Is this:

exclude module: 'rosjava_bootstrap'

somehow different than this:

exclude project(':rosjava_bootstrap')

In rosjava the dependency is:

dependencies {
  compile project(':rosjava_bootstrap')