Maven 3 to Gradle conversion

Hello Guys,

I am new to Gradle. Involved in migration from Maven 3 to Gradle.
Got stuck up with few things. Please help me out on this???

  1. “providedCompile” - is it not supported in the Gradle???
  2. If I try to exclude few modules while doing compile “…” { exclude module(:…)}, its giving error. If I remove the exclude part its working fine…
  3. How will I include the vast set of Maven plugins in Gradle… Its saying not found for many plugins…

I have a root folder which has 6 subpojects as subfolders and root folder does not have src folder.

I understand that compile time is greatly reduced in Gradle.

How will I include these subprojects info so as to reduce the compile time???

Please oblige.

(1) See the gradle-extra-configurations-plugin.
(2) The format will look like,

dependencies.create("org.springframework:spring-core:3.1") {
  exclude module: "org.unwanted:unwantedModule" // by group & name
  exclude module: "unwantedModule"              // by artifact name
  exclude group:  "org.unwanted'                // by artifact group

(3) Most Maven plugins have Gradle equivalent ones. Otherwise it is usually easy to write a custom task or plugin as needed.

You should look at existing projects as examples and Gradle’s samples.