Making the distribution plugin work with the native plugin

(Richard D. G. Hickman) #1

Currently I am trying to make a sub-project that is of type distribution package some of the output artifacts of another sub-project that is of type native (and produces 4 libraries). I thought this would be trivial but apparently not and I’ve ended up rather stuck.

Previous suggestions I’ve seen (for non-native) included assigning an output artifact to a configuration and then using the dependencies declaration to get a hold of it, however that doesn’t seem to work as you generally supply the task to the configuration in the artifacts scope and the task for the native library doesn’t seem to exist at that stage (presumably because it’s dynamically generated or something).

I’ve been hunting around for something under the project that would give me access to the output file but I haven’t found anything. I’m guessing this is some complexity of the native plugin. I mean, I could just hardcode a reference to where I know the outputs should be but that’s awful.

Any suggestions?