Make IDEA dsl consistent with tooling api and IDEA itself for content roots area

Gradle IDEA dsl defines that a module might have only one content root - IdeaModule.contentRoot.

However, the IDE allows multiple content roots per-single module.

Moreover, gradle tooling api assumes that there might be more than one content root per-module - IdeaModule.getContentRoots()

The task is to expose that ‘multiple content-roots per-module’ at the dsl level in order to allow to use that via gradle plugin

Thanks Denis. You’re correct in stating that this is inconsistent. We’d need to come up with a way to migrate the API of org.gradle.plugins.ide.idea.IdeaModule to allow multiple content roots, without breaking backward compatibility with the existing API (getContentRoot must continue to function correctly in all cases it does now).

Would you be interested in contributing a fix? If so, it might be worth raising this on the gradle developers list.


I like the idea of contributing but not sure about time expectations :frowning: