M8/M9 not producing the proper dependencies within Eclipse

(Jamie Bisotti) #1

I have a multi-project build.

With M3 (which we’ve been using since it’s release), running “gradle cleanEclipse eclipse”, going to Eclipse and refreshing the project, then looking at the Referenced Libraries, I see 29 JARs.

With M8/M9 (which I’ve been working to upgrade us to), running “gradle cleanEclipse eclipse”, going to Eclipse and refreshing the project, then looking at the Referenced Libraries, I see 18 JARs.

It seems like not all of the transitive dependencies are being included, though some are.

From the command-line everything works fine – no compilation issues & all tests pass.

Anyone else seeing anything like this?



(Peter Niederwieser) #2

Are you experiencing any issues in the IDE? Have you verified that artifacts are missing in the IDE that are present in a configuration? You can print all artifacts of a configuration like so:

task debug << {
  configurations.testRuntime.each { println it }

(Jamie Bisotti) #3


Yes, I am experiencing issues within Eclipse (STS actually). In my Markers view, under Java Problems, I have the following:

  • The project was not built since its build path is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for org.springframework.context.ConfigurableApplicationContext. Fix the build path then try building this project

  • The type org.springframework.context.ConfigurableApplicationContext cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

The project in question has a compile dependency on spring-test. There are no other Spring JARs in the project’s Referenced Libraries within Eclipse/STS.

Executing the “debug” snippet above shows the same 18 JARs that are in the project’s Referenced Libraries. However, if I execute the same snippet with M3, I see 29 JARs.

Any ideas?




Can you provide a simple build script with just the debug task that reproduces this problem? This will need to include the repositories and dependencies sections from your build.

(Jamie Bisotti) #5

Daz, Peter,

Once again, this turned out to be a “phantom” problem of my own making. In the process of creating the simplest possible project to reproduce the issue, I figured out what was going on. It wasn’t an M3 vs. M9 issue at all.

In my current, M3, build there is an unnecessary ‘compile’ dependency on spring-security; I have no idea how that got in there. In the process of upgrading to M9, one of the first things I did was clean up my scripts a bit; one of the tasks being to remove that unnecessary dependency (I should have done that separately). So, that left the project I was having an issue with having a ‘compile’ dependency on spring-test. As spring-test depends on the other spring-* JARs, I thought everything should have been fine.

As I was trying to figure out why the other spring-* JARs were not in the STS project’s Referenced Libraries, I looked at the Ivy descriptors in my cache for both spring-security & spring-test. Finally, I noticed that even though both have dependencies on the other spring-* JARs, sprint-security uses these configurations: “compile->compile(),master();runtime->runtime()", while spring-test just uses these: "compile->compile(),master(*)”.

So, I added a ‘runtime’ dependency on spring-context to my problematic project, and all is well. Sorry for the false alarm. Thanks again for the assistance.