Looking for issueManagement, distributionManagement, scm, and profiles tags in gradle


Sorry if this is a repeated question. I don’t think it is as I searched the forms and did various Google searches but I couldn’t find any related articles or help. I’m converting a pom file and I’ve come across a couple of tags that I don’t know how to incorporate in gradle. They are:

--- used to connect with Jira

and profiles but there are several forums discussing alternative approaches in gradle…although I’m still not sure which one I should use since the current profiles seem to be altering the tomcat (server) info. I included the profile tags with their sub-tags but removed some of the values for security:

        <tcatConsoleUrl> ... </tcatConsoleUrl>
        <tcatUsername> ... </tcatUsername>
        <tcatPassword> ... </tcatPassword>

I’m sorry if these are easy or foolish questions and common knowledge, but I’m not a Gradle or even Maven expert and normally work solely with either Java or Javascript. I appreciate any help.

There is no direct equivalent for these tags. The tomcat information has to provided to whichever Gradle Tomcat plugin you choose to use. If necessary, profiles can be simulated with an if-statement. Regarding the other tags, you might want to add them to the published POM for informational purposes (see ‘maven’ or ‘maven-publish’ plugin), or, if you also require a certain functionality, find a third-party plugin or write your own.

OK thank you for your help and response. I’m still figuring out the Tomcat plugin by bmuschko so I’ll see about adding those fields. I’ll also look into maven-publish and see if I can figure it out.