Log source and destination in Copy-task

I try to add some logging messages to my Copy-task. I do

def testEnvPath = "../${taskName - 'update'}/"
into (testEnvPath)
// copies sql folder
from ("sql/updates/sql/") {
  include "*.*"
  into "sql/updates/sql"
  eachFile { file ->
    logger.info("Copied ${file.sourcePath} -> ${file.path}" )

The output is, that file.sourcePath just returns the file name, while file.path returns the path but without the configured root ‘into()’ statement. E. g.

Copied my_sql.sql -> sql/updates/sql/my_sql.sql

I’d rather have the absoluteSourcePath and the destination path as a canonical path. E. g.

Copied D://.../my_sql.sql -> ../project/sql/updates/sql/my_sql.sql