Location of 3rd party jar "providedCompile" dependencies for WAR project

Where do I put the 3rd party JAR files that are needed to compile my WAR file, so gradle can find them? They are not required to appear in the resulting WAR file. They are not in any public repositories. Previously, using Maven I injected these JARs into the local M2 repo, but this project has no Maven nature - I’m trying to use Gradle alone.

Literally anywhere you want :wink: Gradle supports Maven and Ivy repositories and can also just reference jars from a flat folder in your project if that’s what you need. If they are in your local maven repo, just use

repositories {

OK thanks for that, Stefan.

If I wanted to create a local collection of these providedCompile type JAR files (but without using Maven) how would I reference this collection from the gradle.build file?

Think I have discovered the answer: Just found this piece of documentation.

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